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What are optical switches used for?

Views: 58 views Publish Time: 2022-04-07

Nowadays, optical switches are widely used, and they play an especially important role in the network. At present, the development of optical switches is very fast. The original optical switches have been improved a lot because they are technically inadequate, and the optical switch used now is very advanced already and can meet the requirements of the current network use.



However, do you really know what the application scope of the optical switch is and how to test it?

1.The optical switch plays a very important role in the optical network. It not only constitutes the switching core of the key equipment in the wavelength division multiplexing network, but also is a key device in the optical network itself. With its advantages of high speed, high stability and low crosstalk, the optical switch has become the focus of research of many major communication companies and research units. Optical switch has a broad market prospect and is one of the most promising optical passive device.

2.An optical switch is an optical device with one or more optional transmission ports, and its function is to physically switch or logically operate optical signals in an optical transmission line or integrated optical circuit. Optical switches can be classified by manufacturing process into mechanical switches, micro-optical-electro-mechanical MEMS system switches and other types of switches.The first two types of optical switches are currently the most mature and most widely used products in the market. The last category can be subdivided into liquid crystal optical switches, electro-optic optical switches, thermal optical switches, and acousto-optic optical switches.