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Advantages And Application Fields Of Fiber Optic Patch Cords

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Fiber Optic Patch Cords is also called optical fiber connector. The jumper from equipment to optical fiber wiring link means that both ends of the optical cable are equipped with optical fiber connectors (connectors are plugs) to complete the optical path active connection; one end is equipped with a connector, The other end without a connector is called a pigtail. Optical fiber jumpers are usually used for the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box.

The characteristics of inferior fiber optic patch cords


In order to reduce costs, many small workshop-type factories choose defective zirconia ferrules, sell grinding machinery at a low price, and use unqualified testing equipment screened by large factories to check the products. Perhaps they do not check at the basic level, resulting in very high insertion loss of the produced optical fiber patch cords. Seriously affect the quality of communication. Indoor optical cables usually use polyvinyl or flame-retardant polyvinyl. The surface should be lubricated, bright, flexible and easy to peel off. The surface finish of the defective optical cable is very poor, and it is easy to adhere to the tight sleeve and the aramid fiber. The sheath of the outdoor optical cable should be made of excellent black polyethylene. After the cable is formed, the outer skin is flat, bright, uniform in thickness, and free of bubbles. The outer skin of the defective optical cable is usually produced by using recovered materials. The outer skin of this kind of optical cable is thick and thick. Because there are a lot of impurities in the material, you can find many tiny potholes in the outer skin of the optical cable.

Advantages of fiber optic patch cords

Optical fiber jumper refers to the optical fiber directly connected to the desktop computer or equipment to facilitate the connection and management of the equipment. Used to make jumpers from equipment to fiber optic cabling links.

  1. There is a thicker protective layer, usually used in the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box.
  2. The optical fiber jumper has the characteristics of low insertion loss, good repeatability, large return loss, good inter-plug function, and good temperature stability. Therefore, the application of optical fiber jumpers is also very extensive.

Application of optical fiber jumper

Optical fiber jumper products are widely used in: optical fiber connection transmission equipment, national defense combat readiness, suitable for cable television networks, telecommunications networks, communication rooms, fiber to the home, local area networks, optical fiber sensors, optical fiber communication systems, computer optical fiber networks and optical testing equipment .